Saint-Germain (The Man Who Killed Death) Part II


Don't speak so bravely about death
It's just another empty word to me
Created by weak souls and dreaming fools like you
I'm not the one to fear
I shouldn't be your enemy
But be aware of what I say
Or we'll play my game

The ages rise and fall before me
One thousand times I've seen your suffering
A reason to live for
...Or a lie to fight for?
The way to wisdom is a weapon
The seven secrets are eternal might
But maybe it's just your mind
Playing tricks on you

I know that she is nigh
The chalice takes me high
I feel the living stars
The universe aligned
Oh... the infinity

Come to me
Embrace my pain
It can't be the last time
I bleed for you
Please don't go

I've got to kill a man who killed death
I've got to kill... The Man Who Killed Death