Build A Better Life

An Pierlé

Build a better life
Near the Hot Hoods
Buy a new suit
Matching your Revived Mood
Find yourself some New Friends
And this will depend
On the kind of money and the lack of Time You Don't Spend
( Once ) a relative success
You become obsessed
By what the people say and then your Private Live is a Mess
But don't give up
Unless you do stop
Drop the conversation
It's causing awkward situations
If not
You can come back
If you want

I'm a Toasty Girl
Of a Strong Race
I can't help it if I throw this all in your Face
One more thing
I don't tend to ring to
Snobbish Inhabitants of Modernista Buildings
I guess I caught a slight disease
By the Freezy Breeze
I pull a Poker Face and look into the sun 'till I sneeze
"Don't you ever give up?"
Unless I do stop
The conversation 's causing awkward situations
Knock Knock
"Can I come back?"
No you can't

You always whine about
"My true Me"
You are your Parents
You've to work for other ones to be-
Come on
What's up with you Cool Heroes
Seem to Suffer Slightly when I Strike your Ego's
But then I only recall what sounds well
I start to think
That I'd better ring someone to be helped
A Coffeecup
"And now it's enough!"
Drop the conversation
Before I cause a situation"
Knock Knock
Can I come back
Knock Knock
Do you wanna come back?
No you can't
Unless you really want
Oh in case you really want