Thieves In The Crowd

Alove For Enemies

You walk around like we owe you everything, but what you don't know is that we don't care
You're not what you were, you're bitter now, you're not what you once were, you're bitter
Just cause you've been around, does not make you anyone,
just cause you've been around does not make you anyone
You reap what you sow, you'll be left behind, your bitterness will drive you to the ground
You walk around here like we owe you the world, you think that you're above everyone
You think you're so wise, beyond you're years.
You'd like to think that you don't care
Just cause you've been around does not make you anything,
just cause you've been around, we don't owe you anything
You reap what you sow and you'll be left behind to die,
your bitterness consumes you as in this life you will find