Move Mountains


I have a penis for your vagina hole
Me deh a fi you whenever you feel alone
Tek me wallet and everything me own
Give you me heart but, me charge fee fimi soul
And if we lef, me still a love you fi life
Some like not nice
Or like Tami and Marshall
Or like shandel and kim life

Baby feel me, squeeze me
We can move mountains
When we a fuck
Bite me
Nobody else matters
When we a fuck
Kiss me
Hold me close to you
Don't let me go
When we a fuck

Me baby!
Your pussy good, it make me cum quick
But me no shame
Me love it when you bawl out
When you feel the pain
She call me Alka, inna real life
But in a bed Oh God and Oh Jesus me name
Skin out your hole
Fi mi stab it again
Me push it in
Then me take it out again
Now close your eyes
And count to ten
While me sucky sucky pon your nipple dem

Lay down, down, doooown
Nothing no wrong if we fuck pon the ground
Ground, grouuuuund
Me cocky slowly a go in and out, out
O ouuuut
And I think I came in her mouth
I coulda' sworn I came in her mouth

Me baby!
Lock off the light dem
Mek we fuck slowly
Nobody else nuh matter
Just we and we need
Plus your pumpum feel like heaven
Not even hot air
Nuh tear up panty so holy
Whole a me friends know you are me honey
If you nuh believe ask Dj Kenny
Or ask sunshine wah mi tell her bout you
When we go ochi. baby