The Vanishing Will To Sustain My Existence


Die – Scum – Fucks…
Kill me quickly – Just fucking kill me
No desire to continue life
Anxiously awaiting death and looking forward to the blackness
This precious gift of life isn’t precious
Why can’t you see what is going on here in the world around you?
This precious gift of life sucks dick – ends quick
Every single day hat goes by – can’t take it
Want to give up – hang myself – stop running from your fate
Just do it!
Waiting for the moment of truth – the answer
Solution to – all of my misery and torture
Just Do It!
This will be my final reply – before I finally decide
To just die – watch while I take my life
Just Do It!
No more reason to ever try – Game over
Nobody lives
What’s the point?
A stupid routine that I only know as Me.
Make a choice
Your decision infects me and all I foresee is me
And it will be your fault
I wish death on you all
Your thoughts aint my thoughts
When it’s done it’s done
Darkness, no light
Smell of death, filling the air, filling the night
No one in sight
No one to try and prevent me from doing it right
How could it be?
This is my vanishing will to sustain my existence
Set me free
Let me bleed.
I guess this is it
Slit both my wrists
And you might see me dangling
And you might see me rotting
Feel free to piss on my corpse
Make sure you feel no remorse
Basically, honestly, technically, eventually
Possibly, actually, unfortunately, this is me.
This is my fate, my place
Every minute meant nothing, and you
Should be glad I don’t exist