Tribute To The 5th Brother

9th Prince

(feat. RZA)

Father, our family was always loyal
You traitors have betrayed our trust
We have been deliberately lured into this battle
To destroy the Yang... AWWW! Father! (yo, yo, yo, yo, yo)

Approach like a ghost, in a thousand men host
Prepare for the battle, all you saw was their shadows
Solomon's thought, was hit on fort, swords drawn
The king in the back, they formatted like pawns
Prepare for the attack, heard the whips crack
Fatal guillotine's took flight, snatch heads, brought them back
Before they can blast, one gun, half a cal., he was done
One fourth was blinded by reflection of the sunlight
Off the shield, the golden blade, golden wheel
Five Element ninja was patrollin' the hill
The enemy face defeat, the reminder of his fleet tried to retreat
To the mountain side, it was countin' on a cage for a safe place to hide
Location was lurked about, brought turned about
Called the men, burned them out
Capture up their leader, made him stiff like an ameba
Broke his bat like semi cheeba
Stuck on poodle, we hold weight like a sumo
Great, fast, like Bruno Sammartino
Burnin' Dominick Alovito and Angelina Lugo
("Six return") ..Yo, yo, yo, yo
I burn mics micro rhymes of White Mike on turnpikes
You'll get sucked by the light
M.C.'s get stuck up by the Bai Me nine strikes
Keep a Tec, all up inside ya R.E.C. Room
Ya crabs, won't fall from the Sun of Neptune
I don't fuck wit dead birds, be the true and living word
God's seen and heard, keep the best part preserved
Then penetrate, ya bodies five major gates
The pulsatin' beat vibrates, and yo' thighs shake
You fruitcake, little tiny small molecular
Miniature, minute, itty bitty, microscopic
Subatomic, fragile, frail, timid, weak
Soft, thuggy, Puffy the Dragon, spineless jellyfish
Can't fuck wit this, Wu-Tang swordplay remains too crisp
You savage, we cripple ("To destroy the Yang... AWW!")
Fuck that..

Yo, yo, sorid comics, swallow rhyme toxics
Psychotic logic, insane explosives like bottle rockets
The 9th Prince blowin' sacrifices
Lyrical wolverine, dances wit wolves, lead by Crisis
The Prince wisdom is deep like black holes ultimate Abyss
Recollect digital, that's a death wish
I burn like flame on, Iron Palm
Rhyme in Napalm, fear the God, even to smile like Saddam
Microphone choreographer, picture what I vision like a photographer
The golden flow uno boxer, law and order, fiends warriors
Secret Victoria, defenders of the universe
Creepers creep, Don 10 try to peep before I hit him in his sleep
I'm legendary like Eleven the veteran, from the Mediterranean
Who watched the braveheart, warlord, killa stash, barbarians
The renegade with a hand grenade
Explosion, front locus, will blow ya hearing aid
Causin' those who misunderstood what I had to say to throw shit on stage
But I still reign, grab ya Bandaids ya rhymes cut like switchblades
Yo bring it back

Deliberately lured into this battle
To destroy the Yang... AWW!
At last, in the hope
The last mark
Say ya prayers
Seven have left, six returned (2x)
If this is so..
Seven have left, six returned
Forgive them my son, it's hard to relieve
AWWW! The 5th Brother
You must walk
5th Brother, 5th Brother, 5th Brother
Seven have left, six returned (2x)
The 5th son left the life, follow him
Seven have left, six returned (2x)