Keep the Faith

116 Clique

Grace and Peace, take a seat
Hey let's get into this man
It's been a minute so let's get it because I'm amped on his name
Now as you all know
Paul wrote and said he couldn't wait to see us
He said he tries but I quote, "Satan still impedes us."
So until he can make it we read the letters he sends
That says he's not forsaken
Even when oppression begins
So let's begin with the fifth lesson for today and tomorrow
Cause Paul answers questions you have about today and tomorrow
And whether or not the Saviors coming back, today or tomorrow
Instead of sharing the time/he exhorts us to pray and stay watchful
It's easily seen like signs of a pregnant woman who shows
And a thief in the night is surprise
If you're watching your doors
So tomorrow's worries weaken when we're waiting with hope
Anticipating his arrival keeps you ready for sho! (sure)
Lesson four can bring us more of an insight to this section
Especially when we start discussing the dead's resurrection
Remember Paul wrote, those who are sleeping
"That past on"
Won't be passed over
So stop the grieving
For if we believe in Jesus Christ and that He's still living
We also believe He'll take those who are asleep as Christians
So the topic of tomorrow is not my concern
Just the fact He's coming back and that He's soon to return
Now with that on my mind/it makes today so crucial
Because the God who's coming back desires to live through you

You took the word as it is
Let His love be fruitful in
Your works of Faith and Love, so
Keep the faith
It'll get a little harder/Yeah, yeah
It'll get a little rougher
Oh Yeah
But there is hope in his promise so Keep the Faith

Now I know you wondering how this affects us today man
But you need the background to be effective today man
Do you remember lesson two when Paul called us his crown
His boast before the Lord because we was holding it down
Cause we heeded to the lessons that he taught to the crowd
So much so
We all decided we would take our idols down
And the news begin to spread fast all over town
From our people to their people
In the towns that surround
We proclaim the name of Jesus while we walking around
And it's crazy cause our neighbors started following us 'round
Lesson 1 gives the reason why we all in this now
God predestined he would save this Thessalonians town
He elected us for truth and Paul strolled into town
Without the Gospel as a lifeguard we all would have drown
In the sins of men and trends that be bogging you down
We were homeless with no family like a dog in a pound
Till God decided to go looking through the lost and the found
And He spared us from His wrath that He'll be calling down
Don't you get it?
We did, that's the reason why we miss him
Paul was like our father who taught us
All how to be Christian
Like with the motherless
He nurtured us
And showed us his vision
He loves us
That's why when he prays we're constantly mentioned
So the call for us today is we continue his mission
Long to lead a quiet life and to attend to your own business (let's get it)

There is joy in the firmness of your faith
There is life in you embracing his grace
So keep praying
And rejoicing in thanksgiving, and loving in patience
And just keep the faith
There is hope in His return and that He will come
There is peace in the promise of His love
So keep praying
And rejoicing in thanksgiving, and loving in patience
And just keep the faith

So in conclusion for today, I say
Continue in faith
With love/Hoping in the day
The Lord will snatch us away
Be an example for the saints that we find in Achaia
Standing strong
No matter what
Reproducing the savior
Cause the joy of a teacher is when his students can grasp it
It's mastered
And we live on through you training up the masses
And honor you leaders
In love
Appreciate their work
Servant leaders making disciples as we create the church
Remember to exhort and comfort to alleviate the hurt
And run from every form of evil to not deviate the church
Though we imitate the saints and the God that we serve
There are still great afflictions that can rattle your nerves
And this life will get so trife and it'll throw you a curve
And there are people who live evil
Feeding a sexual urge
So be holy/living solely
For His glory
Possessing your body rightly in the purity that he showed us
Cause no matter how much we grow
Or no matter how far we go
We still could do some more
Even if Timothy gave a good report
So let's continue to work and labor
And endure in this race
Eagerly hoping for the moment we will see His face (yeah)